• BP Southern Africa (BPSA), one of the oldest companies operating in South Africa for over 90 years, is part of the global energy giant, BP PLC. BP finds, extracts and refines oil and gas and develops advanced Bio fuels, distributes the finished products through its retail networks country and Africa-wide. BP products include BP Marine, Air BP, BP Chemicals as well as BP Petroleum, BP Wax, BP bitumen, and services such as BP energy management.

  • With over 500 BP service stations nationwide, BPSA is one of the largest oil companies in the country. BPSA focuses on refining and the marketing of fuels and lubricants. Crude oil is processed at the SAPREF refinery and manufacture lubricants at an oil blending plant located in the city of Durban. BPSA operates nine depots and three coastal installations and the largest rail gantry in Africa located in Pretoria with planned upgrades to key depots.

  • BP’s innovative convenience outlets provide a unique offering through BP Express, Wild Bean Café and Pick ‘n Pay Express.